Hi Friends, Ainsley here.

In September I celebrated two years at Branches of Life as an Employment Specialist. Some people reflect on their anniversaries, and when it comes to work, I am one of those people. A job, at least in our current job market, is a choice you make every day. So, I wondered: “Why am I still here?” I must be happy, otherwise the point of writing this blog would be trivial. So, here is the result of my own personal reflection.

Professional Challenge
I pride myself on my openness to learn and grow my skills. One of the advantages of my job is the challenge it represents for me. I get to learn and experience so many different things. I need to know that I can take a new step forward and there’s going to be something exciting waiting for me. I get that at Branches of Life. The company is continuously growing and has established ambitious goals. I am thrilled to be part of this.

Nice Office
I’ve worked in different environments. It’s different here, the good kind of different: you have everything you need to be able to do your best work, from comfortable spaces to free snacks and sodas. I can post up at table or lounge on a couch. It’s the perfect place to help me focus when I’m working on hard things.

Branches of Life provides a lot of cool opportunities if you are looking through the right glass. I work for a diverse company, with colleagues and clients who bring about different views, and help me to see beyond my own nose. Branches of Life provides the opportunity to add value and be recognized for it. The opportunity to reinvent myself as I take on new roles. The opportunity to be an actual blogger (I’ve always wanted to start one, so contributing to this makes me proud.) The opportunities are everywhere, and I plan make the most of them.

People and Atmosphere
At Branches, the mood is unconventional. At Branches you can be yourself. You can wear your favorite band t-shirt, have purple hair, and even blast your favorite Spotify playlist (who doesn’t love those 90’s boy bands?). We honestly enjoy working together. We work hard and are sure to celebrate as well.

In the end, it’s just the Branches of Life lifestyle: the right venturesome-barrier breaking-family combination. The right and best one for me! Thanks for reading!