Our Guiding Principles

All people are equal & will be treated with dignity & respect. Choices will be provided and honored. Every person is a contributing member of Branches of Life and has a voice.

Making decisions & managing personal funds is a human right. Supported decision-making will be practiced to help our clients achieve their personal goals.

Variety is the spice of life. All individuals deserve to participate in new social and cultural experiences in order to expand their world-view.

People have the right to freedom from discrimination. We will model our beliefs through education, community experiences and opportunities for modeling and socializing with the world around us.

All people have the ability to be employed.

All people can participate fully in their community. We will give back to our community through volunteering and other social pursuits.

We will help build full & rich lives. We respect the right to privacy; believe in access to good food, entertainment, opportunities for learning and the development of meaningful personal relationships.

Our services are research based. Strategies, research, assessment and best practices will be continuously investigated and implemented to ensure that we are providing the best services to our clientele.

All people can learn. Even the gain of one part of one skill is a step toward independence.

The fastest way is not always the best way.   Everything that we do is meaningful and has a purpose. We will always take the opportunity to allow a person to learn rather than doing it for them to save time.