We can answer your SSI / SSDI questions, like:

• How will working impact my benefits?

• Will my SSI / SSDI payments change or stop?

• What will happen to my Medicare/Medicaid insurance benefits?

We'll help you learn about income reporting

If you got a letter from the Social Security Administration regarding an overpayment, or if you are unsure about how to report monthly earnings, we can help.

We'll explore work incentives

Often, there are options to assist you in transitioning to greater self-sufficiency and independence. We'll explore them together.

Practitioner Shirley Hedeen is WISA certified through Cornell University and is a nationally certified sign language interpreter if specialized services are needed.

You will be provided with:

• In-depth, personalized benefits review covering federal, state, and local benefits

• Counseling about the effects of working on your federal, state, and local benefits with a comprehensive WorkWORLD report

• Assistance with identifying, utilizing, and managing work incentives

• Assistance resolving problems related to benefits

• Referrals for needed services or supports, with particular emphasis on meeting employment needs

• Training and support on effective reporting procedures and benefits management

• Coordination with members of your employment support team