Hi guys! Jess here.

When life gets busy my desktop is overloaded with icons—files needing to be saved, various versions of projects, photos for social media use, blog drafts, random email downloads.

I needed to refocus, reorganize, and reclaim my desktop–for real.  While doing this I came across a file named “things to remember”.  Vague name, Jess.

Inside was a mini-pep talk a la Wendi Strickland.  Her golden words of wisdom are simple but helped me through a stressful time.

In case you need it—here they are:

  1. You are trying your best.
  2. Trailblazing is hard.
  3. Really hard.
  4. There’s always a different way to think about things.
  5. You are doing big things.
  6. This is just a speed bump, not a stop sign.
  7. You are brave. You are bold. You are doing good things.
  8. Small steps — you’ve got this.


Hope this helps you like it helped me!