If someone asked me to put my job description into five words, I’d probably say something like “I support people with disabilities.”  Which is cool and all, but, let me tell you about my friend Chelsea who supported me today, and pretty much every day of my life for the past 2 years.

Chels supports me in breaking my bad habit of chewing plastic straws and pen tops by offering me alternatives. Her latest suggestion, “You should try fishing instead, it’s more relaxing!” Solid advice girl, solid advice.

She supports me in improving my selfie skills by offering to take them for me, or joining in, (and if we’re being honest, that’s what friends are for).

Chels is all about some girl power. She’s confident, she’s bold, and she makes me feel the same way. On my worst days, Chels showers me with hair and outfit compliments. In that moment, my mood goes from bum out of bed, to Beyonce. Ask yourself– if your friends don’t make you feel like Bey, are they really your friends?

Not to mention Chels has supported me every step of the way in my goal of losing 15 lbs, which after a 2 year span has yet to happen.  Most people have given up on me, I’ve honestly given up on myself, but Chels? Nah. My girl still inquires about my non-existent gym regimen, invites me to Zumba class, and brings me raw broccoli in the morning. Here’s picture proof of me posing with my stalks on two separate occasions if you think I’m kidding! #Support

Today, Chelsea out did herself. We went to a farm. (I love farms). We came across some chickens. (I hate chickens).

Few people know that I’ve been attacked by birds several times in my life. Seagulls flying around at the beach give me major chills so imagine being up close and personal with a flock of chickens. I handled it with poise, keeping a cool distance, doing some yoga breathing. I was good, until my confident, bold friend Chelsea  wanted to HOLD the chickens.

Several things went through my head, mostly fearful thoughts. I tried my best not to show it by stepping back and letting her do her thing. Surprisingly, in watching her work, my  nervousness (slowly) faded. It was pretty amazing. I mean, the birds were flapping pretty ridiculously, my anxiety levels skyrocketed, but Chels was fearless.

She was so fearless that she held every chicken in that coop. She even walked the chickens around to each of her (also nervous) friends, and said “It’s okay, pet him, he’s nice, see?” They (reluctantly at first) reached out, and joined Chels in excitement when they realized that chickens aren’t so bad. Chelsea’s positive energy spread to everybody in that farm, even to me. I thought, “If she can touch a chicken, I can too!”

When she got to me, I slowly reached out my hand. Before I could even touch the chicken, she said “Here Tamra, try and hold it.” She was so brave, so comfortable, and so reassuring. In that moment, I took a deep breath, trusted Chels, and I, Tamra Gore, reached to hold a chicken.

Chelsea knew I was anxious and did not leave my side. With the comfort of her hand on my shoulder, and several encouraging words, I was able to hold a bird for the first time in my entire life.

It was a liberating experience that I wouldn’t dream of having the confidence to try without my friends. I’m so thankful for Chels. She is the epitome of a one-man support system. She cares, she listens, and has lots of  advice to give.

My advice to you? Get you a Chelsea. xoxo.