The theme of the fall around here might be stretching.

I spend a lot of time encouraging people to be brave, to think far and wide, to dream and hope and plan and most of all, to stretch. It’s both exciting and a little scary to put my words into practice for myself, but with the addition of new services at Branches, the updating of our image and our website and the refining that our services are getting, guided by experience – I find myself reaching for bravery, for those dreams and hopes and plans and most of all, the stretch.

Currently, I’m:

Contemplating expanding our reach, not only as a company but as professionals who represent the company itself. It makes me think about yoga – my instructor says to relax, breathe into a stretch, and let it happen when it happens. This is not so easy, and I am grateful for the chance to revisit that lesson and remember how hard it can be to be patient and graceful during the adjustment phase.

Feeling nervous about blogging. I’ve been such an admirer of bloggers and internet personalities for so many years, I think I’ve psyched myself out a bit about reaching this level of interest that other people seem to achieve so effortlessly. I want badly to be able to offer value and connection, but like anything, the first step is a doozie, isn’t  it?

Cheering on Jenny, who is taking classes toward her Positive Behavior Support Facilitation endorsement through VCU. It’s been so valuable to our practice to get her fresh perspective about methods and ways we can support people who are doing big things.

Enjoying the process of helping a friend and her family start to learn reliable communication through an AAC device. It is so hard to do new things, to push ourselves in directions that are unfamiliar and uncharted, and I’m so happy to be part of that process. Cheerleading people is awesome, you guys, and it makes me so happy to be around to watch these cool things happening.

Listening to webinars through VCU’s Autism Center for Excellence. Free 45 minute classes you can check out anytime – the internet is beautiful and VCU rocks it as far as outreach and education go. Feel free to check them out here.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Currently Stretching
Currently Stretching