We insist that everyone is to be treated with equality and respect. Time spent with our clients should not be considered a charity, but rather an opportunity to learn and become socially enriched. When you volunteer with us, you’re becoming an advocate for our clients and learning friendship skills in order to support and best interact with individuals who have disabilities.

Students, student groups and special interest groups might consider visiting and volunteering time at Branches of Life in order to:

  • Lead fun recreation and leisure activities
  • Make friends
  • Learn how to have different types of conversation
  • Help people use the internet
  • Help people update social media, like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook
  • Make things that make life easier for people
  • Offer academic help
  • Be a companion
  • Practice public speaking skills and learn to advocate
  • Write: Blog, tweet, write essays about topics related to disability issues
  • Learn to appreciate that all people have different things to contribute


We offer college students the opportunity to learn in an exciting and motivating environment while giving your career a head start. If your college courses call for volunteer, internship or practicum experiences for working with disabled individuals, please contact us to discuss available opportunities.


Please contact us a minimum of two weeks prior to your expected start date in order to give time to meet all pre-authorization requirements. Our student interns are typically studying in one of the following areas:

  • Human Services
  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Business